New KTCO: Amanda Marchand

I had the pleasure of being in the audience for Amanda Marchand's Second Sight lecture at this year's Medium Festival, back in May. I was, of course, immediately struck by the simple and elegant compositions of her lumen prints (an example of which is shown above—her image "Roseate Tern"), but it was her process that truly fascinated me. I'm always interested in the separation between what can and can't be seen in a photographic image, and in her Lumen Notebook series, Amanda mostly uses books to create the photograms. And not just any books, but specific books that have specific meaning to her. It turns out that both she and I have a fascination with the way that language and image interact, so it was a real treat getting to pick her brain for this episode.

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In the course of our conversation, we mentioned several of Amanda's books, which you can purchase:

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