Beyond Good and Evil

By Friedrich Nietzsche

I read this book as a part of my continuing quest to read all the books I was supposed to have read for various classes. It didn't take me long to remember why I skipped it the first time around. Nietzsche is a racist, a chauvenist, a classist, and, in general, a jerk. I disagree with the basic premise of his philosophy--that the basic and sole important drive in people is the will to power--as well as most of the conclusions to which it brings him. Nevertheless, he was an important influence on so many thinkers, so I suppose it wasn't a total waste of time.

Started: 4/30/2003 | Finished: 6/26/2003

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This may be the best comic book movie I've seen. The character of the Hulk is one of the more interesting in the Marvel universe, which gave the film a solid backbone. Nick Nolte was very good, and Eric Bana was quite decent. The editing was a bit jarring at first, but it really made it seem like I was reading a comic book.

Viewed: 6/21/2003 | Released: 6/16/2003 | Score: B

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Finding Nemo

Another example of Pixar's tradition of excellent filmcraft, this movie had everything an animated feature needs: great comedy, an engaging storyline, amazing graphics, and heart. The fun characters and good messages make it a good family film, but there was more than enough humor to keep me (and most of the rest of the adult audience) laughing out loud.

Viewed: 6/2/2003 | Released: 5/29/2003 | Score: A

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