By Louis Sachar

I had heard a lot about how great this book was, and I have to admit, it was a very good read. I was very surprised, though, as it was much darker than I had expected. I'm not sure I would call it a "children's" book, but I suspect you'd be more likely to find it in the "young adults" section, anyway. I can definitely recommend this book.

Started: 4/28/2003 | Finished: 4/29/2003

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Bulletproof Monk

This movie was such a disappointment. The fighting was cool, but the writing and acting (even Chow Yun Fat) was just too cheesy for me. I'd say if you must see it, wait until it hits video and save the money. I'll give it one sympathy star just because the fights were pretty cool.

Viewed: 4/25/2003 | Released: 4/22/2003 | Score: D

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On the Waterfront

I rented this as part of my continuing quest to brush up on some classic films. The film drops you into the middle of the action, so I felt a little confused early on, but in other parts it dragged. Still, I can see why the movie is a classic. Brando's performance was good, and in some parts it was great, and there was very good chemistry between he and Eva Marie Saint.

Viewed: 4/24/2003 | Released: 1/1/1970 | Score: A

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When the Devil Dances

By John Ringo

The third installment of Ringo's Legacy of the Alldenata continues the series with a bang. Like a lot of military SF, the Legacy series seems to have Heinlein's Starship Troopers in mind, but it seems obvious that Ringo has a much better understanding of the military. I like this series quite a bit. It has just the right combination of blazing action, interesting plot and human interest.

Started: 4/24/2003 | Finished: 4/27/2003

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This was a pretty good movie. Dustin Hoffman had a smaller part than I had been expecting, but it was really fun to watch his performance. While I was able to figure out the ending in advance, I have a feeling that it would keep most people guessing.

Viewed: 4/24/2003 | Released: 1/19/2003 | Score: B

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