The third test

From: Mark

Subject: the test continues

Flint whispers back "You are not ready for that transformation yet. Remember that when you take the form of a beast, there is a part of you that wants to stay in that form. This form is very primative, very powerful, very attractive. If one is not experienced with it, it is possible to loose oneself in the form."

From: Mark

Subject: The third test

The Stallion gives a nod of approval and gestures Flint to follow. Several centaurs move to follow so the party does as well. The Stallion leads Flint and the others to the large creek that is running down the side of the encampment. The water flows at a fairly nice pace, the rocky bottom visible in the clear, mountain water. There are numerous large rocks and boulders along the creek bed. The creek looks to be maybe 4 or 5 feet deep at it's deepest and 20-25 feet wide. The Stallion points to the creek. "The Test of Agility is this. We must race to that spot". He points to a spot about 300 yards up stream "where the creek turns towards the mountains. The first one there wins. Understand?"

Flint nods, waiting for the catch. "However, we must race, moving from rock to rock. We are not allowed to touch the banks or the water. To check for this, spotters will be placed along the course. We will pair your friends with centaurs, and they will observe our race. If one of us touches the water then they loose. Agreed?" Flint nods and the party pairs off with centaurs. Salix finds himself paired with L'ton at the furthest point along the race path. Flint and the Stallion take their place, each one on a different bank. Another centaur stands in the middle of the creek and gives the signal for the two to start.

The Stallion takes off first. He is a large creature, but incredibly strong and agile. Many of the rocks and boulders are large enough for him to land on and he has lived in the valley for a long time. He knows the creek like the back of his hand. He quickly makes three jumps and before Flint has even moved onto his first rock, the Stallion has made a good start up the river. Flint jumps from the shore onto the closest rock, but quickly falls behind.

With a gap opening, the two pass Mund and K'lal and then Ranthir and R'ken. Next is Ragnar and D'pol and V'pel and Harp. By the time Flint is half way the Stallion is obviously far ahead. Flint assesses the situation and then his form shimmers. In his place is a mountain lion. With a grace and agility born of years in the mountains, Flint's feline form quickly starts catching up to the Stallion. Salix hears L'ton hiss when he sees this and the druid gives the centaur a quick look. L'ton's eyes are focused on Flint and his face is a mask of rage. Salix quickly turns his eyes back to the race. The two competitors are neck and neck as they come to the bend in the creek. With a last burst of speed Flint bounds from one boulder to a flat rock just beyond the finish line. The Stallion lands on a rock next to him a few seconds later.

All of the observers have been rushing behind the two and a crowd has gathered. As Flint and the Stallion move towards the shore, Salix and the rest of the party rush to greet him, slapping him on the back, congratulating him on his victory. Over the tumult a voice rings out. "The druid stepped in the water." Every one turns and faces the source of the voice: L'ton. The Stallion looks at L'ton for several seconds. Not taking his eyes from the younger centaur he asks "What say you, young druid? Salix I think you were called. Did my opponent touch the water?" The whole herd is watching, waiting for Salix's response.

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