The third night

From: Mark

Subject Information

Ok I have sent everyone some information about the previous day in Bodentown. I am going to write up a small bit about them meeting back at the Eel and then everyone can fill in the others with what they found out.

If anyone has any questoins about what they saw or found out please let me know.

From: Mark

Subject The third night

Dusk is falling when the 8 show back up at the Eel. Several of them make use of the inn's bath house, washing the grime of a hard days work away as well trying to wash away the dirt they feel on their souls. Surin has ordered a large meal from the kitchen and by the time everyone shows up clean, the meal is ready. The food is good and the ale is plentiful. Several members have much to tell.

From: Porter

Subject The third night

"That was a really good idea for us to get a job as day laborers." Mund says "Not that they paid much," he adds with a grumble.

On our third trip out to the Mayor's estate, I saw something. It was a ways off, but I swear I saw a northern tribesman there. Well, at least he was *dressed* like somebody from back home. I tried to go check it out, but the overseer laid a beat down on me, so I didn't get a chance."

"Y'all would be proud of me, too. Despite the fact that he desperately needs a beating, I didn't even raise a finger against him."

From: Kevin

Subject The third night

"I know what you mean, Mund. I saw almost a half a dozen men whipped just short of death and left were they fell. If you can't make it, you die. There is no fogiveness or compassion.

Other than that, I didn't learn much, except that they gave us some new passes. Allistair, can you tell if these new ones are enchanted in any way?"

From: Derek

Subject The third night

"Sure, just give me a second." Allistair casts detect magic to see if the new passes are magical or not. "Hack, Ran and myself got new passes since we work for the mayor's estate now, but they all look a little different."

"I was able to look around a little bit while at work today. It turns out that the west wing and the east wing have separate basements. The west wing basement doesn't have anything unusual: food storage, laundry, a boiler, etc. As to the east wing below the family side of the house, I have no idea. If we want to check out the basement though, that is the side to look into."

"Also in looking through the documents, I found out, partly at least, how the mayor has been financing his build-up of arms and men. His men have been pillaging caravans and villages in the region for supplies and slaves. Some of these are as far as several weeks out so as not to arouse too much suspicion, would be my guess."

"As to the tribesman you may have seen, Mund, I don't think it was coincidence. I found a short reference to some item that had to be obtained in order to satisfy the head of the tribe. This looks suspicious to me. I don't know what it's all about, but we're not exactly next door the wildlands here. I think it bears more looking into."