The cells

From: Mark

Subject Turn

I will try and get more out on Super Snake this afternoon.

From: Ashley

Subject out of town

I'm going to Arizona tonight, and won't be able to go online until next monday. Someone can cover for Surin in the meantime.

From: Kevin

Subject Turn

With SuperSnake on the case, we may not need Surin. Or the Mockers. Or any of us.

*Harp sits back grumbling about not getting to kill any rats*

From: Mark

Subject The cells

At Allistair's request, Sysyphys moves slowly out of the hidden hole. The stone work beneath his scales is cold and dank, tasting of moss, mildew and blood. The torches are placed far enough apart that there is plenty of shadows to keep to. At first Sysyphys moves to the left from the hole he has come out of. After a short period of time he comes to a door on the other wall. Glancing both ways and not seeing anyone, he quickly slithers to the other side and plasters himself into the crack between the wall and the floor. Undulating a bit forward, just until his head is even with the door, Sysyphys flicks his tongue out, getting a taste for what the door is.

This door is wooden and fairly old. Not well built or maintained, he is able to taste some of what is in the next room. Wet earth, wood soaked in creosote and stone fill the air, as well as a bit fresher taste of clean air. The snake squeezes his head just under the door and sees a set of wooden stairs heading up, into the gloom. Sysyphys backs up into the hallway and continues down further down. He soon finds the end of the hallway, the stone passage ending abruptly. The snake then heads back down the passage way, passing his escape tunnel as he goes. Several more feet down there is another door, this one made of wood bound in iron.

It is a struggle but Sysyphys is able to squeeze himself under the door, using the small gap between to flagstones in the floor. The snake spends the next hour slithering around carefully, making sure not to be seen. He sees and tastes three living guards and there is something else. There are 4 forms, tucked away in alcoves. They look a little like humans but they taste like death. Their odor permeates the air where they are found. And almost sickens the snake. Sysyphys does find another door, this one made of iron. Looking around, making sure that he is not being watched, the little snake starts to work his way under the door.

This fit is even tighter and takes even longer. He just gets his head under the door when he feels vibrations in the floor. Someone is coming! He moves as fast as he can, scraping scales off the top of his back (2HP damage) as he forces his way under the door and into the hall. As soon as the rest of him is through, he slides over to the wall where the door will hopefully open. Luck is with him. The edge of the door slams into the stone wall just in front of his face, but the rest of him is hidden by the bulk of the door. He hears several voices and the sound of several feet tromping into the room.

It seems like hours but it probably only minutes when the people leave the room. Sysyphys waits for what seems an eternity, making sure that they are not coming back, before he cautiously moves out again. This room is a long hallway with several iron doors. The whole place tastes of death and decay. He passes 4 doors on his left, and they all have the same taste, humans on the brink of death and starvation. He can taste the smell of despair and forlorn abandonment that these wretches suffer. When he gets to the end of the hall he moves to the other side and start working his way back. At the door on that side, the one furthest from the entrance, he tastes something different.

All the other tastes are there, but there is something more, a taste that takes Sysyphys a second to place. Pine. There is the faintest taste of pine coming from this cell. The snake starts to go under the door but realizes that he can not. The fit of the door is too tight. His tongue flicks under the door and more smells assault him. Burned flesh, human waste, dried blood. And pine. The snake sends an image of a snake shrugging it shoulders to Ally with the unspoken question: What now?"

OODM: What now?

From: Kevin

Subject The cells

Mark, another great write up. Who would have thought that a small snake would have been so much fun to read about.

From: Mark

Subject Touch spells

Here is the SRD on "Deliver Touch spell"

Deliver Touch Spells (Su): If the master is 3rd level or higher, a familiar can deliver touch spells for him. If the master and the familiar are in contact at the time the master casts a touch spell, he can designate his familiar as the "toucher." The familiar can then deliver the touch spell just as the master could. As usual, if the master casts another spell before the touch is delivered, the touch spell dissipates.

So you may be able to cast a spell that the snake can deliver, but it must be a touch spell, not a ranged touch, and you can not cast any other spell in the mean time or that spell goes away.

From: Karl

Subject The cells

Nice writeup, Mark.

From: Derek

Subject the cells

Allistiar asks Sysyphys if there is any kind of correlation between this 'pine' smell and the smell of Salix? Then he will ask Sysyphys to try hissing 'Hello?' into the crack at the bottom of the door, and see if he gets a answer he can understand. If he does, then find out what he can from him and let him know help is on the way. If not, then remember the smell and make his way back to the original hole to the dungeon. If he can, wait around in a well-concealed place until an hour or so before Allistair finishes work to try and find out how often someone comes down into the dungeon. Otherwise, just come back outside and wait for Allistiar until he gets off of work.

Allistair isn't sure what he can do for Sysyphys as a reward for a job well done for now, but he sends his snake a few images of nice fat hamsters and female vipers when they get the opportunity.