Starting work at the Mayor's House

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I will get a turn out tonight.

I have one of my RL games tomorrow so tonight is D&D prep night, both for this game and the one tomorrow.

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Subject Working at the Mayor's house

After a few hours of discussion Salix leans back, stretching. "Ok we are decided. Tomorrow, Surin will visit with the Mockers again and work out the details on the diversion. We will pick the date and time but you" he points to Surin " get to work out the details." The halfling nods in agreement. The druid turns to Ally, Harp and Ran. "You three get to go to the Mayor's house and take whatever job they have for you. Ally, find out about the passes and verify what you can of the layout we have. See if you can find out anything else about how the inside of the house is laid out, the basement in particular." He turns to the other three. "We four are going to try and find work with a company hauling stuff for the Mayor. Let's see what we can find out about the estate. Now since we all have to be going early tomorrow, let's get to sleep now." He looks around and only sees Mund start to protest. Come on Mund, you have had fun the last two nights and I think the earlier we get in line the better chance we have of getting taken on. Mund agrees grudgingly and they all head off to bed.

Salix wakes them all early the next morning. They are the first ones in the dinning room and are headed out the door of the inn just as the first light of morning climbs over the horizon. Surin, knowing that he would have several hours to wait until he could meet with the Mockers spends the morning learning the streets around the Mayors house. This is made a bit more difficult by the fact the the whole section of town where the Mayor lives is surrounded by an iron fence. There are several gates that he can tell would be very easy to bypass and the guards only seem to be on station during the night. He would have to ask the Mockers about that. By noon he has a fairly good sense of the streets and alleys in the area surrounding the Mayor's house.

When Harp and Ran and Ally report to the front gate of the Mayor's house a corporal is on duty. Ally steps forward taking charge. "I am Allistair. Ullen told me to report to work this morning. Sergeant Kline was also supposed to have positions for my two associates here, Ran and Hack. The Corporal goes into the guard house and checks a sheet of paper. He comes back nodding "Yes we got word late last night. You are to go to the servants entrance and report to the Ullen. He will give you the rules of the house. You two" he says, pointing at Harp and Ran "come with me." Ally heads off as told and the two fighters follow the Corporal around the back of the house to the barracks. There Ran is presented to another Sergeant, Sergeant Helborg. "OK elf" he says "your with me. You" he says pointing to Harp, "report to the teamsters in the back. We are short of loaders today and Kline said that you were to help load and unload the wagons." Harp starts to act offended when Helborg gets in his face.

"Do you want a job? Well if you don't like this one we can always use you as target practice." There is an evil grin in his face as he says this, and Harp quickly backs down, actually glad that he will be someplace new." Harp is led to a staging area in the back of the compound and is instructed to get into a wagon. The wagon is full of men, rough and foul looking, and they head out from the estate.

Ran is spends much of the morning learning how the household guard is organized and just how low he is on the shit list. He spends a good portion of the day running messages and doing crap jobs around the grounds. If the Sergeant or Corporal want a drink, Ran is the one they order to go get it. If someone needs anything, Ran is the gopher. He does learn somethings though and he is eager to report back.

OODM: I will get more written tomorrow night.