What next and healing

From: Randy

Subject What next?

"Well if we plug those drain holes then the water should all pump into the room. Maybe it will be enough that it will start flowing out the door. If we can direct it from there into the fire room that may be of some benefit in retreiving the second half of this key that Surin found for us. I don't know what the best way of damning the water would be though the gargoyle statues might work."

Ranthir offers these comments and adds, "We might not want to dry off too well before facing the fire creature. The water may offer us some level of protection from the flames."

From: Mark

Subject Turn

I am out of the office the rest of the afternoon. I will write up more later this afternoon.

From: Jason

Subject What Next?

Ragnar likes the second idea. Why try to take the water to the fire, when in all likelihood the fire will come to the water if we retreat there?

From: Jason

Subject Healing

Also, Ragnar is more than willing to use more cures, but once the most critical wounds were dealt with, he's waiting for Harp's direction.

Although, since Harp himself is the one wounded, he may be holding back for fear of sounding like a wuss... So Ragnar will go to Harp and offer more healing, if he desires it.