From: Karl

Subject elementals

While all the others are discussing ways to move the water, Salix is deep in thought, trying to remember what he has been told about Elementals. His actual experience has been limited, so the knowledge is not immediately at his recall, but after several moments, he speaks up:

"Harp, I don't think water will do much to hurt a fire elemental so it's useless to worry much along those lines, but I supposed putting out the fire in the firepits would be some help, even if only by making the room less hospitable for it. I also know they can't cross water, so if necessary, we could probably retreat to the water room."

He continues, a little sheepishly, "I can also ask Obad-hai for protection from Fire energy and also to help one or two of us to resist fire attacks (OOC - Protection from Energy, and Resist Energy/OOC), but unfortunately I did not prepare for that this morning and I'm not sure we should wait another day for this room."

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