#MatteredToMe - January 14, 2022

Hello, it's Friday. Here are some things that mattered to me recently:

  1. The single exclamation point in Mary Oliver's poem "I Know Someone."
  2. There is this longing, I think, in Tami Haaland's poem "Not Scientifically Verifiable" about the separation between people. It's very sexy, too, I thought.
  3. The way that Lisa Rhoades's captures the ephemeral moment of childhood in her poem "The Long Grass."
  4. The last couplet, especially, of Rebecca Foust's poem "and for a time we lived."
  5. Finally, Lyz Lenz's recent newsletter "Taking a Vacation at the End of the World": "It’s all grief. It’s some joy. And baby, I only know one way into the abyss and that’s head first."

As always, this is just a portion of what has mattered to me recently. Things are difficult and scary right now, I know. I'm doing my best to hold onto the ones I love, and to let go of what I need to let go of, and what needs me to let go of it.

Thanks, and take care.