Half My Life

In about seven hours--at the time I'm writing this--I will have been with Juliette for half of my life. When we started dating, I was seventeen, a senior in high school. Now I'm thirty-four, and we have a mortgage, a dog, two kids, and a third on the way. She has seen every step of my adult life, and then some--and I hers. Seventeen years ago, we couldn't have known what we were getting into, where we'd be a whole lifetime hence, and now here we are, and what a life it is. I'm thankful every day to have gotten to share my life with her, and to get to keep on doing so.



My favorite picture of the two of you used to be the top left, high school graduation. I have that one on the chest of drawers upstairs. But I think I like the one next to it better. I love seeing you two together in pictures.


I am so happy for you Mike! Truly a wonderful family & a fabulous testimony that true love exists. Hugs to you ALL, Shawn