I Am Salivating

My efforts toward lowering my cholesterol have really improved my diet from a health standpoint. I've also lost some weight, which is nice. But, man, I have been thinking about food more or less constantly for the last couple of months.

Tonight as I was making my oatmeal--I make a big batch on Sunday night which I can then put in the fridge and reheat for breakfast for the next several days--I was having visions of a burger. But not just any burger. This burger is going to be haunting my dreams.

Start with a nice hamburger patty, cooked to maybe just a hair below medium. Add a healthy portion of hot pastrami. Then three strips of bacon. Then throw on some Swiss cheese and let it melt a little. Now deli mustard, dill pickle slices, and shredded iceberg lettuce. I toyed with the idea of adding avocado, just to make it completely ridiculous, but I figured that wouldn't work well with the mustard.

Are you hungry? This is how I've been feeling every day for the past two months. Yeah, I know: first world problems.



You lost me at the pastrami. The rest of it sounds good though.

Mike Sakasegawa:

Don't knock the pastrami burger until you've tried it. There were a couple of places in Claremont that had pastrami burgers (Everest and The Hat) and they were freaking awesome.