Miramar Lake

Sunday afternoon it was a little cloudy and threatening rain, so we mostly hung around the house. But before we went out for dinner, Juliette and I decided to take Jason to Lake Miramar so he could look at the ducks. I took a few snaps of the lake:

Miramar Dam

Miramar Dock



Can you swim in that lake?

Mike Sakasegawa:

You can boat and tube, but I don't think you can swim, no.


I don't see any ducks.

Mike Sakasegawa:

Look harder. There are ducks in both pictures.

Mike Sakasegawa:

There are also a bunch of American Coots in each picture. Those are not ducks, but Jason doesn't seem to appreciate the distinction just yet.


I can kind of make out might-be-ducks on the second picture, but not on the first. Probably my screen is not so great is way.