Bust a Move

Jason started figuring out how to dance a while ago. Until recently he really only had one move: bouncing up and down. That's probably because that's mainly what Juliette and I do when we're showing him how to do it--bounce at the knees in time to the rhythm, sometimes adding in shoulders or arms. It's very cute when he bops along, especially since he invents his own highly syncopated beat.

In the last couple of weeks he's shown us that his repertoire is expanding:

(Just in case anyone is curious, that thing on his belly is a band-aid that he had been playing with.)



Fred Astair watch out!

Leslie Ellis:

Is that Nat King Cole that he's dancing to? Sounds like it. Which means he's as much Ellis as he is Sakasegawa! (Grandpa Ray would be proud!)


This is too funny. What a star... maybe he will be on "so you think you can dance" soon??

thanks for posting.