Things I Have Recently Called Jason

Jason, Jay, Jay Jay, J. J. Abrams, Jables, Jableston, Jasón, Jason von Jasonson, Jason Michaelson, Son, Sonny Boy, Sonson, Son-san, Boy-o, Booby Boy, Baby, The Baby, Baby Jay, Baby Booboo, Boo Boo Bear, Baby Boy, The Boy, The Jason, Jason Boy, Dude, Duder, Snorty Snooterson, Poopyhead, Poopybuns, Poopoo, Poopooloopoo, Poopy, Puppy, Pants, Mr. Poopypants, Mr. Moo, Mr. Moopoo, Mr. Man, Little Man, Little Guy, Little Dude, Buddy, Buddy Boy, Bubba, Bubbaloo, El Babalao, Babalaba, Ramalamadingdong, Jammalammalammalamma, Fussypants, Mr. Fusserson, Man, Manimal, Manderson, Mangia Mangia, Dr. Manhattan, Chuck Mangione.

Despite all this, he seems to be learning his name.


Joe Iriarte:

<i>"El Babalao"</i>

That's awesome. :)


Clever boy!

Toby also gets Puppy. And Puppy Dog, Poopy Dog, Mr Boy, Mr Man, Tobypants Eatonboy, Mate, Little Matey and Precious Sugar-peach (the last is for when he's being particularly obnoxious).


Nice. Thomas gets, let's see, Thomas, Turkey, Turkey-boy, Turco, Hedo Turkoglu, Thoma-kins, o-tom-o-go-see-ay, Turkmenistan, Thomas Turtle, and a slew of others.

But NOT Tom. or Tommy. On orders from his Mom. ;)