Jason's Snooze Button

Jason's cradle, which we keep next to our bed, has an attachment with three buttons on it. One turns on a little nightlight, one plays a little song, and the third makes the cradle vibrate. We call that last one Jason's "snooze button."

It's a pretty common feature on baby seats, cradles, and swings, because apparently they find it soothing. In Jason's case, it's soothing enough to keep him asleep for an extra few minutes while we prepare ourselves for a feeding or changing. It's a real lifesaver, I tell you, because it means that only one of us has to be up and doing things, and the other can just "hit snooze" and go back to sleep.

Unfortunately, the motor on the attachment seems to have died. I replaced the batteries a couple of days ago because we noticed that the vibration was getting weaker, but while that always works with his bouncer and swing, the vibration in the cradle is now almost non-existent. So, unless I can fix it or get it replaced, it looks like we're back to the old-fashioned ways of rocking him and patting him to keep him calm in the night.