Death at a Funeral

Having not been out to a movie together in over a month, Juliette and I went and saw Death at a Funeral this weekend, mainly because it was the next movie playing when we decided to go out. We've had some good luck picking movies that way before--notably Waking Ned Devine back in college--but, unfortunately, this one wasn't that good. Not knowing what to expect, we both had high hopes for a witty British comedy after the opening scene, but things descended pretty rapidly into the sort of sitcom-style humor that revolves around people being put into awkward situations. If that kind of thing appeals to you then most likely you'll find this movie hilarious--certainly many of the other audience members were laughing uproariously. For us, though, it's just not our bag.

Viewed: 9/21/2007 | Released: 7/10/2007 | Score: C

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