Stranger Than Fiction

Most everyone who I've heard talking about this movie has been talking about how surprised they were by Will Ferrell. Honestly, he did do a good job. Not only did he manage to rein in his shrill, needy tendencies but he actually managed to imbue his performance with a sort of quiet, noble dignity. Still, he wasn't really what made the movie. Neither were Emma Thompson or Dustin Hoffman, though they were, unsurprisingly, excellent. No, the shocking thing is that what I really loved about this movie was the voiceovers. Normally I'm not a big fan of voiceovers, but Stranger Than Fiction is one movie that used them perfectly. Of course, it wouldn't have worked had the writing not been up to snuff but, fortunately, the monologues had this wonderful lyrical quality to them that I kept wanting to hear more of.

Viewed: 11/10/2006 | Released: 11/9/2006 | Score: B

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