Flags of Our Fathers

I'm still not sure why I'm quite so fascinated by World War II but, be that as it may, I'm the sort of guy that will like just about any movie in that setting. Still, this one was only so-so. It didn't do much for me that other movies or shows hadn't already done better. What I did like about it wasn't so much the story as the framing--the book that the film is based on is the product of a man's attempt to learn about his father's life. That's a subject that's been resonating with me lately and on that level the movie worked really well for me. It's not really the focus of the film, though, so I'd say that unless you're a diehard Eastwood fan or war buff you can probably safely skip this one.

Viewed: 11/11/2006 | Released: 10/19/2006 | Score: B

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