A Good Year

My one-word summary: boring. Not because it was a "chick flick"--I like all kinds of movies as long as they are done well. Besides, Juliette agreed with me. There just wasn't anything compelling about this movie--not the story, the acting, the setting. Nothing. The whole thing just seemed forced and mediocre. Like so many other movies of this genre, the plot centers around a career-driven asshole who has to realize that money and success aren't as important as love and family and what have you. We've all seen this story before but that's fine because we don't come to movies like this for originality. The problem with this iteration is that the protagonist's transformation really wasn't believable. The mechanism for change involved him rediscovering childhood memories, but it almost seems like the guy would have had to have had some sort of amnesia-inducing head trauma to forget the stuff he forgot--and, of course, that wasn't the case. It's too bad, too, because I've generally had a very high regard for both Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott. Hopefully their next projects will be more worthwhile.

Viewed: 11/18/2006 | Released: 11/9/2006 | Score: D

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