Red Eye

I was actually quite amazed by this movie. Despite the fact that it got an excellent review from Entertainment Weekly--who are usually quite snobby--I found it to be pretty boring. Rachel McAdams continues to underwhelm me--she plays everything so straight. Not that she does anything particularly bad, she's just uninteresting. The same goes for the rest of this movie. The plot was so straightforward, so linear. I kept expecting that there would be more, that just around the corner we'd have some mind-boggling plot twist, but it never came. It never even felt particularly suspenseful to me. (Juliette got a little nervous during the climactic scene, but even she found the rest of the movie pretty flat.) I don't know, I just expected more from the director that brought us the Scream trilogy.

Viewed: 9/8/2005 | Released: 8/3/2005 | Score: D

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