The Incredibles

My one-word description of this movie? Incredible. OK, OK, I'm sorry for how cheesy the last two sentences were. I just couldn't help it. Seriously, though, The Incredibles was a great movie. Not that it's any surprise to anyone who has seen any other Pixar film. As usual, the animation was brilliant. (Those of you who are CGI buffs, check out the hair in this movie. It's really well done.) But these days brilliant animation just isn't enough. What Pixar brings to the table every time is a well-crafted story with excellent voice characterization. Some people go to a movie looking for action, others for laughs. Some people want characters with emotional depth. Some people want cool visuals, and some just want superhero meta-humor. The Incredibles has all that. But, look, you already knew you wanted to see it. So just go see it.

Viewed: 11/6/2004 | Released: 11/4/2004 | Score: A

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