Swimming Pool

I can't decide if this movie was brilliant or awful. You see, there are two ways that a director can play with an audience. Some directors (David Lynch, for example) like to beat into you how much smarter and more creative they are than you, the audience. When you leave their films with no idea what you just saw, they are laughing at you because you're too stupid or bourgeois to understand their art. On the other hand, some movies are an invitation to figure them out, a challenge to raise your level of consciousness. I can't decide which this is. The performances were good. A lot of people wouldn't like this movie for it's extremely slow pace, though. The more or less constant nudity was certainly titillating, but it made me kind of uncomfortable, and I didn't understand the need for it. I think this is the type of movie I'll need to see again before I can completely make up my mind about it.

Viewed: 8/31/2003 | Released: 7/1/2003 | Score: C

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